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livLCD reads measurements values from livDB and writes them onto the LCD screen, one at a time.
livLCD Python code resides under "/home/pi/liv/livLCD"

livLCD process reads parameters from "livLCD.config" file, then enters an infinite display loop in which measurements and time/date are written for a number of cycles. Default values are 5 cycles, each measurement is displayed for 3 seconds. These values are configurable in "livLCD.config"

Users can specify alarms levels in "livLCD.config": when a certain alarm value is exceeded, the LCD measurement for that value will blink. The alarms levels defined in "livLCD.config" are independent of the alarm levels users can set using the Instant Messaging "set" command (please refer to LiV Instant Messaging Manual for more info).

This is how you can test the LCD display: http://liv-pi-forum.1124721.n5.nabble.com/Testing-LCD-screen-tc32.html