Connecting your own sensors to LiV Pi

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Connecting your own sensors to LiV Pi

Unlike Arduino, Raspberry Pi does not have an A/D internal convertor, so you can not connect analog sensors to LiV Pi.

In case you want to add your sensors to LiV Pi, the recommended connection is through the I2C bus, using I2C 3.3V port on the back of the device (PCB label BMP180/I2C on the side that holds the calibration switch).

List of LiV Pi hardware ports:
- one I2C 5V port - for LCD screen
- one I2C 5V port - for DS3231
- two I2C 3.3V ports - both would accept BMP180. Plug BMP 180 in one of them and use the other one to connect to I2C bus
- two DHT22 dedicated ports  

LiV Pi schematics with the port wiring info are available here: