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Please report LiV bugs at: support_AT_livpi_dOt_com

1) LiV XMPP "set" command only works for temperature.
Configuration: all types of Raspberry Pi, October 2015 release
Status: FIXED in December 2015 release.

2) livXMPP process occasionally crashes when sending keep-alive messages due to socket timeout error.
Configuration: all types of Raspberry Pi, December 2015 release.
Status: FIXED in V1_0 release April 2016

3) LiV Pi measurements show one CO2 spike recorded on thingspeak (e.g. CO2 level jumps from about 600ppm to over 1000ppm out of the blue, then back to 600ppm).
Status: Unable to reproduce. Error was reported as an isolated incident. Closed.

4) Temperature and humidity show spike down recorded on thingspeak (temp drops from mid 20C down to about 11C, humidity shoots up at 99 -100%).  
Configuration: Raspberry Pi 2, December 2015 release
NOTE: I am filling this as a bug, but so far I am unable to reproduce it. Bug manifests on one LiV Pi Expert Set that runs on a RPi model 2. Further investigation is needed to make sure this is a general software bug and not a hardware defect related to that particular user setup or a thingspeak recording error. Please let me know if you see this kind of bug on your system. 
Status: Able to reproduce it. FIXED in V1_1 release September 2016

5) Current image (based on older Raspbian Jessie) does not run on the new Raspberry Pi 3B+.
Status: Fixed in V1_1 release August 2018. New image based on newer Raspbian Stretch was released. New image runs on RPi 3B+.  


1) LCD screen initialisation: If livLCD process is manually killed by root, LCD screen is not properly initialised when the process is started again manually and LCD screen displays some garbage characters. The workaround is to kill livLCD process again and start it one more time. If user reboots LiV with "sudo reboot" command, the LCD screen is not properly initialised: user should use "sudo shutdown" command followed by powercyle. (turn power off and back on)
Configuration: all RPi models, all software releases.
Status: OPEN.