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LiV Pi Domoticz edition

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I am looking into providing support for Domoticz in future LiV Pi releases.
Please let me know if you would like to have Domoticz included in our next LiV Pi image

Domoticz info:

I was able to set up a LiV unit so that it can also be be used as a Domoticz server, running both livpi (port 5000) and domoticz (port 8080) servers. I configured LiV so that at boot time, LIV also starts domoticz and starts pushing data to LiV Pi dummy devices configured in Domoticz. This is done through a Python process that reads local livpi measurements and uses domoticz JSON APIs to write them into domoticz DB.

If anyone is interested in this, I will create a domoticz github branch after I do some code clean up and more testing.  

Here are a few photos showing the integration so far:
dummy devices



Air pressure