LiV Pi and IFTTT

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LiV Pi and IFTTT

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LiV Pi can already send emails and tweets without using a third party like IFTTT (please refer to LiV Pi DIY section on setup instructions).  
Just to give you more flexibility, you can now use IFTTT Maker Channel to make your LiV Pi send emails and tweets.

Here is the LiV Pi code that triggers IFTTT events:

And here are two public LiV Pi IFTTT recipes:

You can have a look at the Python code and see how IFTTT triggers on LiV Pi are connected to the IFTTT recipes.
You can also add your own triggers and connect them to actions on any of the IFTTT channels who would like to use (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...).

LiV IFTTT process does not start automatically, so you will have to manually start it with: "sudo python".

Please consider sharing your LiV Pi IFTTT recipes on our forum.