LiV Pi setup on Raspberry Pi B rev 1

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LiV Pi setup on Raspberry Pi B rev 1

The older Raspberry Pi B rev 1 uses I2C bus 0 instead of bus 1 like all newer RPi models.
If you use your LiV with a RPi B rev 1, the LCD screen will light up, but you will not see any measurements on it.

If you check your I2C devices with "sudo i2cdetect -y 1", no I2C devices are listed.

You need to do the following changes for your LiV Pi to work:

1) Enable the device in /boot/config.txt on line:
-> dtparam=i2c0=on

2) change bus setting of LCD and BMP180 in the config files from their directories

3) change bus settings for hardware clock in: /etc/rc.local (change to bus 0 instead of 1 on line that starts with "echo ds1307")

If you now check bus 0 with "sudo i2cdetect -y 0", you will see all I2C devices (please refer to topic "I2C bus debugging on our forum").

Many thanks to Maarten for reporting the settings changes.